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This Site contains many information about my ancestors.

Again and again some ancestors of our family (e.g. Paul-Heinz Bard, Paul Bard and Martha Bard) collected data about family members and made copies of these family trees for their relatives. Fortunately we still have some of these documents from different eras, which got completed by genealogists in our family (e.g. Wilhelm M. T. G. Tolzien and Elisabeth Hoyer).

Also some noble ancestors got discovered as well as names of well-known aristocratical families, e.g.:

The family tree actually comprises more than 2500 persons, some lines reach back to the 13th century and you can view impressing photos of portrait paintings and statues, which are still preserved in Rostock and Lübeck (german towns) showing former mayors.

Thanks to Monika Kuhlman (nee Tolzien) who provided most of the documents, Elisabeth Hoyer who worked on the genealogical research and to Jim Bard who has built the "Bard family book" and who probably initiated my genealocigal work by arranging our great family gathering in Brussels.

Now lets start looking at the complete list of surnames or searching the database.

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