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Optimal presentation

    Find data here. (NOT available for Netscape 4.x)

    Multilingual presentation using PhpGedView. Including (soundex) search for names, places, events etc. View pedigree and descendancy charts starting with your favourite person. If you are a relative of mine you can request an account for the database to be able to see the hidden (private) data of living people as well.

Alternative presentations (won't be updated anymore !)

    You always will find 2 different visualisations:

    without living people
    this version is locked. Only members of my family can order an account by e-mail:

  1. Only Pedigree-View (dynamic, interactive)

  2. DFT - Dynamic Familiy Tree excerpt complete*   (multilingual Java-applet (with "search"):
    (You need a java-runtime-engine which is available as freeware at Sun ).

    HTML excerpt complete*   Plane HTML with indices for individuals, surnames and timeline index
    will NOT be updated anymore, because number of files is too high (= number of individuals) (latest version 14. Oct. 2003, 1284 or 1987 Personen)
  3. Only Descendant view (static, showing charts of most frequent surnames

  4. chart - Descendants of August Peter Christof Bard  excerpt complete*
    chart - Descendants of Paul Pluntke und Ernestine Schwarz  excerpt complete*
    chart - Descendants of Andreas Roth  excerpt complete*
    chart - Descendants of Johann Stoffel  excerpt complete*
    chart - Descendants of Joh. Christ. Tolzien (1767-1836)  excerpt complete*

    NOTE: "Siblings" can be found by selecting their parents.


    map - historical map of Silesia ("Schlesien") map

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